About us


CanRehab Retreats was founded by Prof. Anna Campbell MBE, an expert in the field of cancer and exercise, and Hayley Osborn, an experienced cancer exercise specialist.  It’s aim is to enable everyone living with and beyond cancer to have access to exercise specialists, that will help educate, inspire and enable individuals to have a renewed confidence in their own ability. CanRehab Retreats will provide this through UK and international retreats, workshops and online resources.

The Club La Santa week will be delivered by a multi-disciplinary team led by Prof. Anna Campbell MBE, who all have a specialist interest in cancer and exercise. The team are passionate about exercise and the benefit it has to those living with and beyond cancer (click here for evidence reviews). Anna and the team were inspired by the amazing work carried out by a Danish team of specialists who’ve been delivering a successful programme to Danish participants in Club La Santa for over 10 years. Anna, as well as doing collaborative academic research with the Danish team for over 12 years, has for the past 4 years been bringing a team of UK specialists to La Santa to observe, to learn from and to actively participate in the Danish programme.

The idea of the week is to inspire individuals who have/have had cancer to challenge themselves physically and emotionally with a focus on health rather than illness. We recognise that there may be barriers to physical activity during and after treatment for cancer but with our support we aim to assist you in breaking down these barriers and finding new ways to incorporate physical activity, exercise and movement back into your everyday life. Our goal for the week is for participants to return home with a renewed confidence in their own ability and a renewed awareness of the joy of moving.

We are all so excited about taking our first UK group to Club La Santa and can’t wait to meet you all.

Anna Campbell MBE

Prof. Anna Campbell will be leading the group in Club La Santa. Anna has built up over 20 years as an international expert in the field of exercise and cancer.  As well as qualifications in immunology (BSc), biochemistry (PhD) and sport and exercise science (MSc), she has provided training programs/advice to over 500 cancer patients. She has published over 40 papers in the field  of exercise and cancer survivorship.  She is Director of CanRehab  (www.canrehab.co.uk), which provides training and education for fitness and health professionals working with cancer survivors. She is also a consultant for Macmillan Cancer Care. She was awarded an MBE in 2016 for her research into exercise and cancer survivorship.

Hayley Osborn

Hayley is a sport & exercise scientist and CanRehab Exercise Specialist. She designed and lead the exercise component of the award winning PREPARE for surgery program. She has a specialist interest in working in prehabilitation, ensuring cancer patients are fit for surgery. Her main area of work has been with oesophageal and gastric cancer patients. She has worked with over 200 patients over 8 years. She is a keen mountaineer and outdoor enthusiast and is looking forward to sharing her love of physical activity with the group. Hayley is also working towards her MSc in Physical Activity, Exercise and Health.